7th April – 14th May 2017

Cities of Exchange:
Liverpool / Hong Kong

LOOK/17 presents a unique opportunity for trans-global sharing of images and ideas. Working with Hong Kong based curator Ying Kwok, the festival will focus on exchange with China, welcoming Chinese photographers and exploring images taken in Hong Kong and Liverpool – cities with a long history of exchange.

The festival will consider how we use the universal language of photography to experience and shape the city. It will encourage conversations with other disciplines such as architecture, education, planning and commerce.

‘We share billions of photographs of urban life every day via social media. The idea of a specific city, our understanding of how we live in it, its history, people, institutions, icons, challenges and triumphs are all expressed through these photographs we share.’
– Sarah Fisher (Director, Open Eye Gallery)

This year LOOK begins a new direction, working more closely with Open Eye Gallery to establish an international model for the festival based on international exchange.

Through photography we will build connections between global communities to seek greater understanding of shared experience.


Top image
Luke Ching
41 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, KL, Hong Kong 2004

Bottom image
Luke Ching
1/F 17 Fung Yi Street, To Kwa Wan, KL, Hong Kong(Door, Wall, Window) 2001

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